Could Using Wrong Brake Lubricant Cause Seizure?

Automobile manufacturers know which lubricants are the best for their vehicles. The regular guy might not know if grease or silicone were used; but, our dealership mechanics do. Unfortunately, using the wrong brakes lubricant could cause them to seize up.

You used to be encouraged to "pump the brakes" before disc brakes were perfected. This would prevent them from seizing up. Seizing up is basically when they get "stuck in one position." They are unable to move and become "locked." This could cause your brake pads to malfunction, smoke and fail when you need them most. Which lubricant should you use?

The easiest answer is to have us service your brakes. Our dealership mechanics know which lubricants were used by the manufacturer. For optimum performance, you will want to replicate this. We have a wide variety of lubricants to choose from. Don't settle or DIY, just trust us for service.
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